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Rhinestone Biz: Low Prices, Local Pickup

Attitude is Everything

For many dance teams in major metropolitan areas, embellishing costumes usually means traveling downtown to the the fashion district and buying stones from one of the established retailers in the area. Pricing is competitive, but the overall cost needs to be balanced with the time and expense of getting there. Downtown Los Angeles is no different in this respect, exept perhaps that the fashion district may be somewhat larger than most.

Many of you have lived the experience of driving downtown, finding parking, being waited on and getting some 'attitude' along with your crystals. The Valencia High School Dance team from Valencia, California is one dance team which has taken its last trip downtown after becoming a dedicated, loyal Rhinestone Biz customer. Cathy Lynskey is a team parent and booster club officer who has been involved in competitive dance and costume embellishing for many years. She was very happy to hear that Rhinestone Biz was in the general area and could save her lots of time and money. Here is what she had to say about Rhinestone Biz:

Having worked with several rhinestone companies in downtown Los Angeles, I was so excited when I heard about! The Valencia High School Dance Team began working with Rhinestonebiz last fall, and wow, they are great, they maintain a substantial inventory and what they don’t have they will get very quickly at the same prices or less than the downtown suppliers. Their customer service is impeccable; their response to inquiries is swift. Now whenever I hear about someone looking for rhinestones I say! Thank you Rhinestonebiz! 

Thanks Cathy! Rhinestone Biz appreciates your business and all of the kind words. We look forward to serving the needs of the team for many years to come.


Valencia High School Dance Team Shops Rhinestone Biz