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Rhinestone Biz: Backorder Policy

At Rhinestone Biz, we make every effort to maintain our inventory and mark items either "in-stock", "low-inventory" or "out-of-stock" on our website. These designations are made on a daily basis (not in real-time), but may not reflect the actual situation. These designations are made to help you plan your project, and should be used as a guide, but should not and cannot be used as an indication of what you will see packed. At any given time there may be fewer items in stock than those on your order.

When this situation occurs we will ship whatever amounts we have in stock (Domestic Orders only) at the time. Subsequently, we will attempt to contact you and let you know which items were backordered and what their expected ship dates will be. In addition, we will ask which of the following actions you would like to take regarding your order:

  1. Wait for backorders to arrive and ship them together (Default for International Orders)
  2. Cancel the backorders
  3. Substitute another item of similar value in lieu of the backordered item/s
As implied above, if you have no tolerance for backorders, we kindly ask that you call for an inventory check at the time your order is placed.

NOTE: Limitation on Express or Priority Mail orders

All backorders will always be shipped via USPS First-Class mail.

NOTE: Limitation on International orders.

Only one single shipment will be made on International Orders. All backordered items must be accounted for using options 2 or 3 above.