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10cc Syringe

10cc Adhesive Syringe

The Rhinestone Biz 10cc Syringe can help you apply the exact amount of adhesive to any surface. Simply remove the plunger, add adhesive to the barrel and replace the plunger. Then add the tip and you are on your way. Best if used with GemTac or a E6000 Craft weight adhesive.

This syringe when used with E6000 will have a limited lifetime. We have found that if you squeeze out a small amount of E6000 out of the tip and leave it to harden after use, you will be able to subsequently pull this 'plug' out and use the syringe a few more times. Eventually the plug will harden through the diameter of the tip and the syringe will be useless.

When used with a water-based adhesive like the GemTac, you can either use the same 'plug' technique or completely wash out the syringe between uses.

* Syringe includes a locking tip 0.5" in length with 1mm diameter opening.

1 Each

Weight:  0.10
Price: $1.99 (USD)

25 Pieces

Weight:  0.81
Price: $31.99 (USD)