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Swarovski Jewel Cut Flat Backs


Reflecting the major trend for lavish embellishment, Swarovski has launched gemstone-inspired crystals for the DanceSport industry. Jewel Cut Flat Backs are available in Marquise Flat Back (14×6 mm 17.8 ×9 mm), Pear Flat Back (14×9 mm, 18×13 mm), Rivoli Flat Back (14mm 16mm), and Square Flat Back (16mm); all available in both Crystal Clear and Crystal AB Effect.

• Classic gem cuts that offer a premium look
• Can be used in myriad glamorous and statement designs
• Unique among the Flat Back family
• These crystals shout out: “Fearlessly glam!”


There is a special beauty, elegance and sophistication that can be found in the classic gem-shaped cuts used in 
jewelry. Swarovski’s extensive experience working with the world’s most famous jewelry and top fashion designers has led to the creation of the gemstone-inspired flat back crystals in the distinctive Pear, Marquise, Rivoli and Square classic cuts. 

The same beauty, elegance and sophistication that is expressed through jewelry designs is now available to adorn DanceSport outfits ensuring every performance is a cut above the rest!

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